I’ve been getting pretty fit lately, I lost thirty pounds last year, and I feel better than ever. I’ve never been competitive but thought this would be a fun way to set and track a quantifiable goal. Right now, I weight 170 lbs. I’m pretty happy with my weight, I do a lot of strength training so I’m sure I could lose some weight if I replaced that with cardio. Quite honestly though, I’m more concerned with feeling and being strong than looking small.

So I am aiming more to improve my running time and endurance than lose weight. For that reason, I won’t be doing any “weigh-ins” and I won’t be posting my weight again on this website. For those of you who are itching to tell me about my BMI or whatever – I am considered “overweight” based upon my BMI. But I can move comfortable, clothes fit me well, I am healthy and strong. I don’t give a fuck about my BMI. My primary care provider also doesn’t give a fuck about my BMI. And I don’t give a fuck if you give a fuck.

Now that I’ve shared that unfortunately necessary disclaimer, let’s discuss actual goals. Currently, I am not a very strong runner. As I stated before, I’m strong and do ample strength-training but I’m not fast and I don’t run. So I am going to start slowly, by building twenty minutes of running into the beginning of every workout.