Green Eating

I’ve also been trying to eat a cleaner diet of mostly locally sourced and plant-based meals. I found a microgreens farmer, a vegetable farm, and a seasonal fruit grove nearby who sells at my neighborhood farmers market. I’ve been really trying to stick with only fresh fruit and vegetables supplemented by dried plant-based proteins.

I feel great, I have more energy, and as long as I spent an hour or so meal=planning at the beginning of the week it’s easy.

Now, the one thing I’ve been unable to kick is beer. I just really like craft beer and I understand that it’s not the best accessory to my new diet, but I do still try to stick with locally sourced craft beers – supporting local business is as important as maintaining a good diet and exercise regimen.

Plus, a light crisp sour saison after a vigorous workout is my weakness. I shan’t give it up just to do mediocre (at best) in a marathon!

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