I Did Not Quit Beer

So many of you had so much to say in the comments about my inability to quit beer. Most of you were, how shall I say, a little judgey and condescending. I’d like to reiterate that I am keeping this blog as a way of tracking my own progress and demonstrating the amount of work that goes into progress. I want to be proud of the progress, proud of the struggle, and eventually, proud of the outcome.  

 I decided that quitting beer in general was too extreme, despite the many of you who somehow thought it appropriate to tell me I’m an alcoholic if I can’t quit. To squash that so that I can actually discuss my progress: I like the social element of drinking craft beers, I like going to breweries and pubs to try new things, I like drinking one brewery’s coffee stout and the another brewery’s coffee stout to see the similarities and differences in taste, profile, and creation. I don’t drink beers at home alone to pass the time.  

 While I was thinking through some of the ways of explaining that, I decided that I don’t want to quit beer. I’m happy to quit simple carbs, sugar, red meat, and all other alcohol but I’m going to keep beer in the diet – maybe even as a reward system or something!  

 Part of making lifestyle changes is understanding what changes are good for your mind and body and which just look good on paper. Quitting beer is neither good enough for my mind and body to matter nor is it sustainable. So I’m sticking with beer!