Ok I’m back. My fifth trip to the gym after taking an unexpected (and unwanted) week and a half off was when I finally clicked back into the “this is good for me I enjoy this I am doing this because I want to” mindset that I need to take a workout seriously.

I’m definitely more hindered by my mental approach to working out rather than my physical. My body is almost always ready to exercise, but my brain often thinks I don’t want it. It’s really defeating to feel like I have to talk myself into something I know I need.

Does anybody have any tips for mitigating this? I used to have a gym schedule that worked really well with my work schedule so I would go to the gym, get ready there, and go directly to work or go right to the gym at the end of a work day. This was, it was built into my “must-dos” of the day and I considered it a good break from a workday. But I’ve been working from home as a consultant lately and I just can’t seem to get myself out of the house and over to the gym!

Leave some ideas in the comments, friends!