Lifestyle Options

The exercises I went with in my experiment are pretty obvious: walking and running outside, lifting bricks and cement blocks, running up and down stairs at the capital, and eating a meal of more raw foods. The raw foods thing was a late add-on to the experiment – I only started this one morning while making myself a pre-run smoothie and wondering how responsible it was to be using energy to blend all the fruit when I could just eat it in its natural state. I know this isn’t really what the “Raw Foods” movement is about, but it worked for me.

I also changed some things around my home after taking greater focus on my energy usage. I changed all my light bulbs to energy-efficient ones, I put all the lights on timers because I’m very forgetful and often sit in my living room while all the rest of the lights in my house are on. I got rid of my television and cable, instead electing to go to the cinema whenever I want to watch something. They run the movies anyway, so I might as well be in the theater.

Changing one thing in your life can sometimes change everything and in this case, I’m feeling better than I have in years – mentally and physically!

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