Working Out! Boosting Energy!

Many workouts use too much energy, like treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, etc. I mean, have you ever looked around a gym and noticed all the fucking energy being burned! In the average gym, lights are blaring, music is blaring often in several rooms at a time, there’s usually a room with like 20 electric bikes in it, etc. All these people burning energy AND burning energy!

I’ve tried to take a more lo-fi approach to exercise and do as much high energy burning but low *energy* burning exercises as possible.

I worked as a caterer at an energy last year and was amazed to learn how much thought and professional consideration can go into designing energy efficient buildings. Instead of wondering why this doesn’t translate to exercise facilities, I accept it and change my own routine.

And here’s the thing!! I lost weight. I saved money on a gym membership. And I became, ultimately, more aware of my impact on the world and resources around me.